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Biome Bonanza at Zoo Edventure Camp

From Lee Richardson Zoo: “Zoo Edventure Camp continues with third and fourth graders exploring “Biome Bonanza”. This week the campers have taken a closer look at what makes biomes special and what adaptations plants and animals have to survive in different biomes.”

Edventure Fun

Pictures from Lee Richardson Zoo‘s 5th and 6th grader Edventures. “Pictured here are 5th and 6th graders Haley Leyva, Shelby Armstrong, Faith Phillips, and Rylan Ohl during our “Friendly Competition” Edventure.”

Jabari and Johari together at Lee Richardson Zoo

From Lee Richardson Zoo: “Jabari and Johari, the eastern black rhinos that came to Lee Richardson Zoo in the spring of 2016 as part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Rhino Species Survival Plan are together at last. They were brought to the Zoo from Zoo Atlanta and Cleveland Metroparks […]

July Story Time at Lee Richardson Zoo

The Story Time at Lee Richardson Zoo will be Monday, July 9th, at 10:30 am in the Finnup Center for Conservation Education. Join us to hear a fun book, meet an animal, and make your own wiggly worm to take home with you.