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Garden City Alternate Education Center Recognizes Early Graduates

The Garden City Alternate Education Center is recognizing students for their academic success.  There are 13 students that are going to graduate in three years from the school.  The students include: Grecia Aguilar-Moreno, Nayeli Cantu, Melasny DeLeon Rodriguez, Devin Fisher, Tianna Fry-Hernandez, America Barrientos H., Gilberto Lopez, Pablo Lucas, Alazae […]

New program hopes to aid at-risk students

By SCOTT AUST A new home-grown program designed to help long-term suspended students continue their education and prevent them from dropping out of school altogether began this week at the Finney County Community Services Center. Katrina Pollet, executive director of the Finney County Department of Corrections, said the idea – […]