LR Zoo

Zoo, Public Library offering virtual options

In the past week, our community has seen an about face of our normal day-to-day lives. With the spread of the COVID-19 virus inevitable, residents have begun to limit their activities and most are practicing the 6-foot social distancing rule and limiting their group sizes.   Many local businesses have […]

Maned wolf at Lee Richardson Zoo

A maned wolf relaxing at Lee Richardson Zoo.  About maned wolves from the zoo: “A maned wolf, described as red fox on stilts, this species belongs to the order carnivora even tho they have an omnivorous diet. In the wild they consume mainly fruits and small rodents.”

Butterfly Garden habitat at the Zoo

From Lee Richardson Zoo: “I spy with my little eye… a grasshopper! Docent in training Shonda helps Ryan (3) and Evelyn (3) discover insects and other animals that take advantage of the Butterfly Garden habitat at the zoo during Story Time. Have you visited the Butterfly Garden? Did you see any […]

Red Pandas Cubs Born at Lee Richardson Zoo

Lee Richardson Zoo is very happy to announce the birth of three red panda cubs. Ember, the zoo’s 7 year old female red panda, gave birth to the cubs on August 12, 2017. Mother and cubs are doing well. This is Ember’s fourth litter. “Animal Care staff had been monitoring […]

Tumbleweed Festival 2017

August 25th will be the 2017 The Tumbleweed Festival: “Welcome to the 26th Annual Tumblweed Festival! Three days of family entertainment influding music, kids performers, great festival food, and a NEW beer garden! Wether you like bluegrass or country, rock or folk, we have something for you. Weekend Passes: $30 or […]

Call of the Wild

From Lee Richardson Zoo: “Zoo Edventures started this week and our first and second graders attending “Call of the Wild” are learning all about wild animals and places as well as some that are “not so wild”. Today we learned how wheat is made into flour and worked hard kneading pie […]

Iron Camper at Lee Richardson Zoo

From Lee Richardson Zoo: “1st and 2nd grade Edventurers wrapped up their week of camp by answering the call of the wild! We spent our last day learning about animal adaptations! We made our own camouflage vests and even played “Iron Camper” using only our imagination and nature to create our […]

Biome Bonanza at Zoo Edventure Camp

From Lee Richardson Zoo: “Zoo Edventure Camp continues with third and fourth graders exploring “Biome Bonanza”. This week the campers have taken a closer look at what makes biomes special and what adaptations plants and animals have to survive in different biomes.”