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Veteran’s Day in Scott County

Every edge of our country is touched by the stories of war. It wasn’t many years ago that one was not asked, “Did you serve?” but “What branch did you serve?” And although there may be gaps in our ranks, Americans can agree that our military deserves honor and recognition […]

Art Wednesday at Garden City Arts

From Garden City Arts: “Art Wednesday means it’s time for crafts to shine! If painting isn’t your thing or if you just like to change it up sometimes, then check out our Art Wednesday programs! This August, the students created beautiful polymer clay jewelry. Check out their work below!”

Lifeguard training at YMCA

From the Garden City Family YMCA: “This photo is from one of our monthly lifeguard in-services, which focus on perfecting skills and staying up-to-date on the latest lifesaving techniques.”

August YMCA “of the month” winners!

From Garden City Family YMCA: Congratulations to our Garden City Branch “Of the Month” winners! Each Receives a free 30 day pass to the Y for a friend and 2 free buffets courtesy of Golden Corral Restaurant, in addition to other prizes unique to each category. Volunteer of the Month: Cara […]

Seahawk Swim Team

From the Garden City Family YMCA: Seahawk Swim Team begins today! Please note: If the timing is not quite right for your family, you can join the team any time during the season. View more about Seahawk Swim Team on our website (link here).