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GCCC Theatre Production program returns

After a hiatus, the Theatre Production program has returned at Garden City Community College with Theatre Director Dr. Joshua Kelly leading the program.

Along with two productions this year, Dr. Kelly is currently offering fall courses with available seats for interested actors, directors, and scholars.

Students do not need to be theatre majors to enrol – majors, non-majors, and community members are encouraged to audition for shows and get hands-on experience in technical production opportunities. Scholarships are available.
Please email Dr. Joshua Kelly at joshua.kelly@gcccks.edu with any questions about the program or courses.
Available Fall 2023 Theatre Production Courses beginning August 14:
Acting I (3 cr)
An introductory course for those who are learning the core fundamentals of acting: developing
a character, analysis of a scene, exploration of psychological realism, basic voice and movement
techniques, and interpersonal dynamics. Students will perform numerous monologues with
one-on-one direction as well as selected scenes with acting partners.
Introduction to Theatre (3 cr)
Excellent for both majors and those seeking a general education credit in the arts, Intro to
Theatre is a broad survey exposing students to over twelve major historical epochs and genres
in theatre, as well as basic elements of design. Students will read/watch fifteen plays and learn
the language necessary for theatre appreciation and analysis for major works ranging from
Greek Tragedy to contemporary post-drama.
Technical Theatre I (1 cr)
A practicum for those looking for hands-on experience in theatrical production: students will
develop their own schedules in collaboration with the show director to accomplish the
technical needs of the fall production. Costume, light, scenic, and prop design are all viable
options and students will receive production credits to add to their resume.Theatre Performance I (1 cr)
A practicum for those performing in the fall production. Rehearsal and performances hours
count toward the credit limit. Students will receive additional assignments concerning the
acting process beyond the normal bounds of performance expectations, usually in reflective
discussion with the director on the process and the keeping of a rehearsal journal.