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Music students perform well at State\

Garden City High School music students participated in the Kansas State High School Activities Association State 6A Solo and Ensemble Contest on Saturday, April 29, in Topeka.  

Students from band, choir, and orchestra performed well at the event.

Five band students performed solos at state.  Those receiving a I “Outstanding” rating: Junior Evelyn Arroyo, Horn; Junior Ivan Rivas, Trumpet; and Freshman Kaylin Nonhof, Clarinet.  Those who received a II “Excellent” rating included: Junior Pablo Aguilar, Tenor Saxophone; and Sophomore Ezequiel Lopez, Clarinet.

The school choir had 17 soloists and one ensemble compete. Soloists who received a “I” rating included: Ryan Pilosof, Hayley Loya, Danica Galia, Georgia Fahrmeier, Darby Reimer, Maria Sánchez, Rylan Anderson, Kyra Linenberger, and Annalise York.  The Women’s Sextet also received a “I” rating. 

Choir soloists receiving a “II” rating included: Tristan Garcia, Arianna Martínez, Emma Lightner, Carlos Monteagudo, Savemore Nyamakope, Raelee James-Crist, Sarah Kuhlmeier, and Aleah Eatmon.

The school had nine orchestra soloists and one ensemble compete. The Chamber Orchestra received a “I” rating.  The members of the group include: Delilah Combs, Maria Sanchez, Noemi Baltazar, Jessa York, Arianna Martinez, Devin Richters, Colby Cessna, Saray Zepeda, Jasmine Garcia, Julissa Martin, Quinlynn Harms, Blanca Chavez, Ashley Kingstone.

The orchestra soloists that received a “I” rating included: Julia Facio, Michael Oswalt, and Angeles Ortiz, on Bass. 

The soloists that received a “II” rating include: Brisa Perez on Viola; Delilah Combs, Xander Flores, and Noemi Baltazar on Violin; Devin Richters on Bass; and Hellen Hernandez on Cello.