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Computer Science offerings at GCCC

Garden City Community College will offer an associate in applied science (A.A.S.) and a Certificate B in Computer Support Specialist beginning in Fall 2023.
The Computer Support Specialist program provides an excellent starting point for individuals
who wish to pursue a career in the Information Systems industry.

Technical and communication areas of training include the development of skills in hardware, software, networking, security, programming, written communication, verbal communication, and problem solving. Options include a one semester certificate (16 credit-hours), a two-semester certificate (31 credit-
hours) or a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree (60 credit-hours). The program prepares students for industry recognized certification exams, to join the computer support
workforce or to continue their education.
Computer Science Offerings at GCCC:
• Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S) – Computer Support Specialist *NEW
• Certificate A – Computer Support Specialist (Complete in 1 Semester)
• Certificate B – Computer Support Specialist (Complete in 2 Semesters) *NEW
• Associate in Science (A.S) – Computer Information Systems
• Associate in Science (A.S) – Cybersecurity
Questions regarding the Computer Science programs? Contact Ron Carlson at
ronald.carlson@gcccks.edu or call 620-276-9584.
Interested students can apply NOW through the FREE application:
https://www.gcccks.edu/admissions/admission_app_landing.aspx. Questions regarding the
application or admission process? Contact GCCC Admissions at admission@gcccks.edu or call