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First empirical scholarship program class graduates

In December, Garden City Community College and empirical celebrated the first graduating class of students from the empirical Fully Connected Scholarship Program.

The three graduates from the inaugural class were Jesus Garcia, Johnathan Robles, Abraham Vallejo.

The empirical Fully Connected Scholarship Program was established in the fall of 2020 as a partnership with Garden City Community College to give candidates with no manufacturing background a means to move into that environment.

The empirical/GCCC partnership provides both hands-on manufacturing experience and enrollment in GCCC’s Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Program, which provides an accredited Associate in Applied Science degree (4 semesters, 64 credit hours) or a Certificate C (3 semesters, 49 credit hours).

This two-year electro-mechanical work-study program gives students hands-on work experience while earning a degree.

Students receive a full-ride scholarship including paid tuition, fees, books and laptop, full-time summer work, part-time work during school, as well as paid class, lab, & study time.

Upon successful completion, students are eligible for employment at empirical as an Electromechanical Technician. As a cooperative program, the application process must be completed with empirical and Garden City Community College.

To learn more or to apply, visit the empirical website, https://empiricalfoods.com/,or contact Jenny Joaquin at 620-307-1081.