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Williams Trust approves seven grant requests

Seven grant requests from GCCC faculty and staff in the amount of $100,030.47 have been approved by the Mary Jo Williams Charitable Trust.

A total of 17 applications were received with a total dollar amount of $264,502.40 requested.

Seven projects were chosen by the trustees to be funded this year. The recipients and projects include:

1. Cary Conley, Director of Adult Education, Academic Division, Career Connection Academy, requested $15,544.22 to purchase new laptops and a docking station for the ELA building. The laptops and station will create added flexibility in classroom instruction by allowing multiple classes to learn digital literacy skills while studying ESL, GED, and citizenship courses. These computers will replace equipment which can no longer be updated and maintained.

2. Allison Griffin, Head Athletic Trainer in the Sports Medicine Department, requested $12,000 for a High Protein/Quality Carb Vending Machine in the Athletics Complex. Many of the student athletes do not consume enough calories to sustain the demands of their sports. This vending machine will help fulfill the need for those calories and possibly reduce cases of hypoglycemia student athletes experience. The vending machine will be maintained through the proceeds of sales.

3. Glenda Owens, Director of Allied Health, requested $20,000 to purchase lab simulation equipment. This equipment will provide students with realistic training on the most current and highest quality equipment available. The equipment will be fully integrated into the hands-on skills portion of courses immediately upon delivery. The impact of this equipment will be evaluated through student skill certification.

4. Yuriy Drubinskiy, Robotics Instructor, requested $20,000 toward the purchase of an industrial robot to be used in two to three programs on campus. This robot will be the anchor for the new robotics program with many other pieces to be built around it. The benefit to the students of GCCC Robotics Program will be a hands-on learning experience for both Robotics and Computer Science students with the skills gained fully meeting the learning objectives of the industrial robotics class. The grant will cover part of the total cost of $39,024.00 with Title III grant money covering the remaining balance.

5. Scott Kedrowski, Dean of Advancement and Alumni Relations, requested $10,000 to be used as funds toward an Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship. The funds would serve as a match to be used on a designated “match day” in the spring of 2023. The need for new endowed scholarships is a high priority for the college and essential for students as enrollment and financial aid needs continue to rise. The funds will be self-sustaining since this will be an endowed scholarship. It will promote excitement and double the impact of funds donated by GCCC Alumni. The scholarship will mature and produce financial aid in the 2024-25 school year.

6. Renee Carmichael, Music Instructor, along with Sean Boller, Makenzi Johnson, and Christopher Johnson, requested $20,000 for the purchase and replacement of outdated or missing equipment critical to student instructional success. The lead piano, used on a nearly daily basis for instruction and performance, is no longer functional. The piano and a trolley for safe transport cost $8,489.98 and will continue to be utilized years into the future. The next items are 12 headphones with microphones with 12 I/O boxes for daily use in multiple courses. These items cost $1,926.86 and, with proper care, will be sustained for many years. Renee will also purchase a violin/viola storage rack at $1,007. The current storage method for these expensive instruments is on and under a folding table, creating an unstable and hazardous condition for the instruments. Finally, the grant will help partially purchase a new music storage system which costs $19,393.30. The current storage system is outdated, bulky, and with minimal room, leading to lost and damaged music. The purchase of this system will decrease yearly expenses for replacement of music.

7. Melody Brooks, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, requested $2,486.25 for the purchase of 2 drones to be used for both GCCC Marketing and GC3 Student Media. The drones will provide an opportunity for both departments, with students gaining access to hands-on training in drone piloting skills and ariel video and photography. The Media and Public relations department will also benefit from the technology on all campaigns and an expanded multi-media platform.

The Mary Jo Williams Charitable Trust was established in February of 1986. Mary Jo Williams passed away at the age of 64 and left this legacy for the community that she loved. She served many years as a secretary to the Garden City superintendent of schools and as a clerk of the school board. Ms. Williams was able to amass a small fortune which she left for the creation of a charitable trust.

Garden City Community College Endowment Association was one of the first beneficiaries of the Mary Jo Williams Charitable Trust, and the Trust continues to help enhance educational opportunities at Garden City Community College. The initial gifts were utilized to start the Mary Jo Williams Comprehensive Learning Center in the GCCC Library, and the Trust has continued to provide funding for a grant request project each year.

Nearly every program on the GCCC campus has received a grant for the purchase of technology, educational materials, or equipment. The Mary Jo Williams Charitable Trust has provided over $1.8 million in grant and scholarship funding to the GCCC Endowment Association.

Grant requests are submitted by GCCC employees for up to $20,000 and are for educational equipment and materials, educational access and student success, promotion of the arts, or student services.

The GCCC Endowment Association delivers the completed application to the Trust and handles the funding.

For more information, contact Jeff Mitchell, Executive Director of the GCCC Endowment Association, at jeffery.mitchell@gcccks.edu.