Friday, March 17, 2023
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Career Connections Academy recognized by Regents

From left to right: Pat Sanders, Community Liaison, Tyson; Juan Rico, Community Liaison, Tyson; student Patricia Resendiz; student Genaro Bautista; Cary Conley, Director of GCCCA; student William Munoz; Luis Luna, GCCCA instructor

Garden City Career Connections Academy (GCCCA) was one of two adult education programs recognized by the Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) this year at the Workforce Innovations Conference on October 4.

Out of the 20 adult education programs in Kansas, GCCCA was highlighted for “outstanding commitment to education and employment” and for “collaboration and support of workforce partnerships.”

GCCC and GCCCA have an excellent partnership with Tyson Fresh Meats in which Tyson employees can continue their education through GCCCA without leaving the Tyson facility, thanks to a mobile classroom.

The Workforce Innovations Conference featured hundreds of people from across the state in attendance, including many from KBOR, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Labor, many other governmental organizations, representatives from private business, and every postsecondary institution across Kansas.

“The Academy is delighted to receive this award in conjunction with Tyson Fresh Meats. It represents a great deal of hard work and dedication on behalf of both the College and Tyson as well as a commitment to serve the community through education,” Cary Conley, Director of the Career Connection Academy, said. ”Most importantly, it means increased success for Tyson employees who pursue their GED, improvement in English language skills, or their American citizenship through this wonderful program.”

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