Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Garden City appoints three to key administrative positions

Emily Burns, Jared Kuhlmann and Ellie Voepel were permanently appointed to fill administrative positions with the City of Garden City.

GARDEN CITY ‐ The City of Garden City has appointed Jared Kuhlmann as Finance Director, Emily Burns as Assistant Finance Director, and Ellie Voepel as Human Resources Director.

City Manager Matt Allen said the City advertised in 2021 for key leadership vacancies within its administrative ranks and did not feel certain about making an appointment to those positions from those candidate pools.

Three existing employees (Kuhlmann, Burns and Voepel) stepped into interim roles in the Human Resources Department and Service & Finance Department while the City evaluated its situation, considered some reorganization options and made it through some important end of year responsibilities, Allen said.

“All three performed very well under some unique and challenging circumstances,” Allen said. “Each one had the trust of the management team already based on past performance. I think there was confidence throughout the City that all three would do a good job in their interim roles and could gain valuable experience that might suggest they would be competitive candidates for a permanent position down the road.”

Since then, Allen said, the feedback he’s received has been far more complimentary than merely “doing a good job.”

“They have been nothing short of impressive,” Allen said.

Finance Director Jared Kuhlmann

Jared began his career with the City of Garden City in 2013 as a Court Clerk in Municipal Court. He then transitioned to the Human Resources department in 2018, where he was the training coordinator.

In 2019, he began his position as Director of Operations at the Garden City Regional Airport until October 2021, when he was asked to fill the role of Interim Finance Director.

“I’m excited for the opportunity to be selected as the next Finance Director for the City of Garden City. I look forward to working with City staff to build upon the success and achievements of my predecessors. I have such a love and appreciation for this community, and I’m honored to have a role where I can continue to serve,” stated Kuhlmann.

Assistant Finance Director Emily Burns

Emily has been working with the City of Garden City since 2014. She began her career as a Budget Analyst for the Garden City Police Department until recently being
asked to fill in as Interim Assistant Finance Director in the Service and Finance Department.

While at the Police Department, she managed the department’s finances and numerous state and federal grants.

“Having served as an employee of Finney County and now the City of Garden City, I have had the opportunity to work with our community’s finest financial leaders since 2006,” said Burns. “Had it not been for these extraordinary mentors, I would not have the tools necessary to be where I am today. I am honored to serve as the new Assistant Finance Director for the City of Garden City and am grateful for those who guided me along the way.”

Human Resources Director Ellie Voepel

Ellie has been with the City of Garden City’s Human Resource Department for two and a half years, most recently serving as the Human Resource Generalist for the department.

Ellie is comparatively newer to the organization but has a proven track record of performing well with any task she is assigned.

“I’m excited to be the City’s new Human Resources Director. We pride ourselves in professional development and improvement, and I’m happy to be a part of that by moving into this new role,” said Voepel.

Allen reiterated his confidence in the team.

“Their permanent placement rounds out a strong administrative services team for the City and allows us to move forward with confidence as we look to continually improve the internal and external services these departments provide,” Allen said.