Alternative Ed Center renamed ‘GC Achieve at JD Adams Hall’

The Garden City Public Schools Board of Education unanimously passed during its September 13th meeting to change the name of Garden City Alternate Education Center to GC Achieve at J.D. Adams Hall.  Lucas Sullivan, Principal at the school requested the change because the current name didn’t fit the cultural and the makeup of the educational instruction at the attendance center. 

In 2012 J.D. Adams Hall was converted to house the Garden City Alternate Education Center when the district reconfigured that year during the opening of the current high school facility at 2720 Buffalo Way Blvd.  The school was originally named the New Outlook Academy and was located at 1401 Jones Avenue when it then moved to its current location at J.D. Adams Hall and the named changed to the Garden City Alternate Education Center. 

GC Achieve at J.D. Adams Hall is located at 1312 N. 7th Street.  The school provides instruction for students from ninth rough 12th grades. The facility also houses the district’s Therapeutic Education Program and the Virtual Academy.

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