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USD 457 Board of Education taking input on mask protocols

The USD 457 Board of Education will be holding a regularly scheduled board meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 19th.  The meeting will be held in Clifford Hope Auditorium on the Horace Good Middle School campus, 1412 N. Main Street. The meeting was scheduled to be a retreat for the board and they will dedicate this time to hear comments from stakeholders about face mask protocols for the district. 

The board meeting will focus on getting input from district stakeholders due to the information that is currently being reported about face mask protocols in schools around the state and nation.  The board is seeking this input from stakeholders to help the district proceed forward as it continues face-to-face instruction during the school year. 

Stakeholders wishing to speak must sign-up by noon on Thursday, August 19th.  Speakers will be given five minutes to make their comments to the board.  There will be a limit of 20 speakers but if time allows, the board will call on those from a waiting list.  The board is seeking equal input, ten speakers for enhanced protocols and ten speakers staying with the current protocols, from stakeholders on the issue.  Those wishing to speak will need to call Stephanie DeLoach, Board Clerk in the Superintendent’s office at 620-805-7012 to have their name put on a list.

For more information about the district’s COVID Operational and Safety plan, go to:

The meeting will be aired live on the district’s YouTube channel at

Nicole Hahn
Vice President of Community Development, FCEDC

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