Students Receive Awards At Graduation Ceremony

There were a number of students that received awards during the Garden City Alternate Education Center and Virtual Academy graduation ceremony on May 22nd.  Students were recognized for the academic success and achievements.  A number of students graduated in three years as juniors.  There were four students that received the Dale M. Dennis Excellence in Education award.

The students that received Academic Achievement Awards were Emilee Nichol Foster and Andrea R. Perkins.  The students recognized with high honors were Emilee Nichol Foster, Andrea R. Perkins, Brecken M. Ralston, and Jordan Urwin.  The students recognized with honors were Maribel Monica Almanza, Alexes Paige Amos, Eliza JaNae Asebedo, Sarahi Chan-Guerra, Anahi Franco, Rianna Gonzalez, Alex J. Hands, Mirah Rodriguez, Samantha Sanchez, and Addison Jade Waggoner.

Five students were recognized for graduating in three years as juniors.  The students were Alize George,

Clariza Melendezrio, Adrian Montes, Laila Rios, and Mirah Rodriguez.

The students that received the Dale M. Dennis Excellence in Education were Maribel Monica Almanza, Alex J. Hands, Laila Rios, and Brian Seavey.

Recipients of the Dale M. Dennis Excellence in Education award are identified in high schools throughout the state. The students who receive this award display citizenship, community and school service, scholarship, and strong self-awareness that make them a quality individual. 

The Dale M. Dennis Excellence in Education Award was established in 1996 by Kansas school administrators to honor the long and valuable service that Dale Dennis has provided to Kansas education.  The individual attributes that characterize Dale M. Dennis as a friend of education, and more importantly as a first class citizen, are the basis for determining the recipient of this award.