GCHS Seniors Receive Honors and Awards During Event

Garden City High School seniors were recognized for their academic achievements and other important honors during the Senior Awards Night held on Wednesday, May 12th.  The event was held in the Commons Area at the high school. 

The following students are Kansas Board of Regents Curriculum Completers.  They include: Heidy Aguilar, Abigail Aguilar, Cesar Alarcon Nava, Emilee Allsbury, Christian Argueta, David Baracaldo Calderon, Kiana Calahan, Juliana Calzonetti, Ashleigh Chappel, Alma Cobos Godoy, Connor Cupp, Alexander De Paz, Anna Diep, Jack Douglass, Abigail Ellerman, Jasmin Flores, Melody Flores, Selah Hageman, Kiana Hankins, Brody Hoff, McKenna Jagels, Julian Jaquez-Chavez, Jyothilakshmi Kalarikkal, Mackenzie Keltner, Adam Kennington, Cooper Kleysteuber, Moses Lares, Jimmy Lieu, Anne Lofquist, Ashley Loza-Hernandez, Roman Martinez, Katherine Mongeau, Elizabeth Murrell, Kayla Nguyen, Jessica Pammenter, John Percival, Quan Pham, Natalya Salinas, Symone Simmons, Braxden Southern, Charles Stillian, Dao Tang, Ethan Terrazas, and Zacharie Warren.

Seniors that have achieved a 4.0 Grade Point Average include: Heidy J. Aguilar, Ashleigh L. Chappel, Anna T. Diep, Jasmin J. Flores, Mya A. Garcia, Alexis R. Heckel, Aung S. Htwe, Jyothilakshmi B. Kalarikkal, Adam R. Kennington, Kaiden M. Luna, Lane E. McKenna, Riley A. Metheny, Elizabeth A. Murrell, Kayla Nguyen, Tam T. Nguyen, Jessica M. Pammenter, John T. Percival, Quan T. Pham, Amy A. Quintero, Jayson Resendiz, Symone A. Simmons, and Dao N. Tang.

Kansas ACT Scholars with a score of 32 or above is Adam Kennington

Most Outstanding in Academies include: Adam Kennington, Abigail Aguilar, Jessica Pammenter, Riley Metheny¸ Kaiden Luna, Jyothilakshmi Kalarikkal, Connor Cupp Jasmin Flores, Jayleen Torres, Cutter Todd, Juan Escobedo, and Ahilyn Terrazas- Acosta.

Best Citizenships in Academies include: Jacob Wegner, Orion Craig, Elsy Cruz-San Juan, Julie Calzonetti, Caleb Tewell, Reid Hopkins, Melody Flores, Vivian Le, Chloe Zavala, Victor Resendiz Lopez, Urji Abagaro, and Andrea Ramirez Monarrez.

Great Perseverance in Academies include: Zaung Kee, Jordan Covarrubias, Evelyn Martinez, Arlette Garcia, Jimmy Lieu, Jesse Baltazar, Carmen Robinson, Quan Pham, Hollie Barraza, Isabel Koehn, Juana Matias Marcos, and Eh Ta Mwe.

The Kansas Governor’s Scholars include: Ashleigh Chappel, Tam Nguyen, Adam Kennington, Kayla Nguyen, and Jasmin Flores.

United School Administrators – Dale Dennis Award went to Connor Cupp, Jasmin Flores¸ Alexander DePaz, and Tam Nguyen.

Symone Simmons and McKenna Jagels received the KSHSAA Citizenship Awards.

Josh Janas and Anjelina Serrano received the GCHS Outstanding Senior Athlete Award.

Foreign Language awards include: Melody Estrada and Alexander DePaz, French; Caleb Tewell and Kiana Calahan, Spanish.

The Marines presented awards to Jacob Wegner, Semper Fidelis Award; Ryan Wessels, Scholastic Excellence Award Male; Kayla Nguyen, Scholastic Excellence Award Female; Keyhana Turner and Juliana Calzonetti, Distinguished Athlete Award Female.

Adam Kennington is the AP Scholar

Career and Technical Education Scholars include: Mya Cruz, Seth Jarmer, Rilee McGraw, and Ryan Unsworth.

The school presented achievement awards to the seniors in the various academies.  In Public Service:  Nathan Tiede, Teaching/Training; Christopher Rico, Law and Public Safety; Cayden Cundiff, Finance; and Najah Haibe, Early Childhood

Health included: Health Academy – Anna Diep, Health Pathways completer; Rodrigo Oropeza Davalos, Health Pathways completer; Ashleigh Chappel, STEM (Math, Science); and Julian Jaquez-Chavez, STEM (Math, Science).

Trades included: Selah Hageman, Outstanding Ag Student; Alexis Heckel, Outstanding Engineering Student;

Alonzo Reyez-Vasquez, Outstanding Drafting Student; and Alex Gossman, Outstanding Welding Student.

Arts and Communications included: Jairus Lobmeyer, Top Performing Art Student; Jayson Resendiz, Top Performing Art Student; Cecilia Vazquez-Paredes, Top Visual Art Student; and Seferino Ramirez Jr., Top Visual Art Student.

Zacharie Warren received the Buffalo Spirit Award.

Seniors recognized in receiving scholarships include:

Rilee McGraw – Ag Future Scholarship from American Implement and Western State Bank

Lizbeth Vidana – Anne Campbell Memorial Scholarship

Jasmin Flores, Spencer Turrentine, and Claudia Petit-Frere – Buffalo Coffee Shop

Elizabeth Murrell and Jessica Pammenter – Chapter FF PEO

Adam Kennington – Hagen Scholarship

Spencer Turrentine, Rilee McGraw, and Gisselle Gutierrez – Joshua Skipton Memorial

Kaiden Luna – Bernadine Sitts $2000.00 scholarship

Jyothilakshmi Kalarikkal – Bernadine Sitts $3000.00 scholarship

Abigail Parr and Rilee McGraw – GCAEOP

Angelina Serrano – GCCC Ambassador

Jessica Pammenter, Urji Abagaro, Anne Lofquist, Elizabeth Murrell, Tam Nguyen, and Brody Hoff, Buffalo Living Legacy, Mark Fraire, Christian Argueta, Quan Pham, Isabel Koehn, Dao Tang, Aung Htwe, Anna Diep, and Tam Nguyen – Tyson Scholarship

Angel Efren Villalobos, Natalya Salinas, Jyothilakshmi Kalarikkal, and Mya R. Cruz – Horace Good Alumni

Kaiden Luna – LULAC Male student of the year and National Scholar

Abigail Parr – LULAC Female student of the year and Posey Memorial Scholar

Anjelina Serrano – LULAC Female student of the year and Gonzalez Family Endowment

Mya Cruz – LULAC Golden Plains Credit Union

Julie Calzonetti, Spencer Turrentine, and Abbey Turrentine – Novack Scholarship

Deanna Aniles – P.E.O Chapter IG

The event was streamed live and can be found at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBsT3xmY9sY