District To Celebrate National School Nurse Day

National School Nurse Day May 12 - Garden City Public Schools

As we show new appreciation for health care workers during the pandemic, Garden City Public Schools wants to thank our school nurses. School nurses support education by looking after individual student health needs, supporting families, and offering school-wide programs.

National School Nurse Day is May 12, 2021. This day was established in 1972 to recognize the value and accomplishments of school nurses. School nurses identify and support students with chronic health conditions, and also assist with immunization compliance, mental health, first aid and sudden illness, emergency care, and more.

A school nurse’s primary purpose is to help students stay healthy and safe so they are ready to learn. School nurses make sure students know how to manage health conditions by taking medication or other treatments.

According to the National Association of School Nurses (NASN), school nurses benefit schools in several ways.
Nurses improve attendance by promoting wellness and good hygiene.
Nurses enable better academic performance by addressing individual health needs.
Nurses address student health concerns, freeing up administrators and staff.
Nurses improve the general health and well-being of staff.
Nurses help school accountability by promoting compliance with federal and state laws.

Today and every day, thank a school nurse for helping our students stay healthy.