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GCHS Music Department Rates At State Competition

The Garden City High School music department participated in State Large Group Contest and student solos virtually this year due to COVID.  The large group were judged by a panel made up of three judges and the ensembles were judged by one judge that rated the performances in their particular music group.

Garden City High School had two bands and a number of soloists perform at state competition.  The Wind Symphony (2nd Hour Band) received a II rating and Wind Ensemble (1st Hour Band) received a I rating.  Band Soloists that received a I rating include: Jessica Pammenter – Flute; Melissa Fierro—Flute; Orion Craig—Trombone; and Caleb Miller—Piano.  The band soloists that received a II rating include: Alonso Guevara—Baritone Saxophone; Evelyn Arroyo—Trumpet; Caleb Tewell—Horn; and Meara Bergstrom—Trumpet.

GCHS had four choirs that participated in the state competition this year.  A Cappella Choir Large Group received a I rating; Les Chantes Choir Large Group received a I rating; Freshman Treble Ensemble received a I rating and the Buffalo Men Ensemble received a II rating. 

The GCHS orchestras submitted many recorded performances in early April for State Large Group and Solo/Ensemble Competitions.  There were three large groups that presented pieces to be judged. The Symphonic Orchestra received a I rating; the Philharmonic/Freshman Orchestras received a II rating.  The Chamber Orchestra was judged by one judge and received a I rating.  The students in the Chamber orchestra include: John Percival, Melanie Kingstone, Abby Ramos, Pedro Sanchez, Noah Longoria, Cesar Alarcon, Christian Argueta, Asia Briggs, Jesus Rodriguez, Oswaldo Mezquita, Lydia Martinez, Jaelyn Grim, and Jayson Resendiz.

The orchestra had a number of soloists submit performances to be judged.  The ratings include:

Piano: Jessa York, I rating; Michael Wise, III rating; and Jaelyn Grim, III rating. 

Violin: senior, John Percival, I rating; junior Chelsea Valadez, I rating; senior, Heidy Aguilar, II rating; junior, Alondra Guzman, II rating; freshman, Arianna Martinez, II rating; senior, Pedro Sanchez, II rating; and junior, Abigail Ramos, II rating; junior, Aley Cannaley, II rating; sophomore, Patricia Castillo, III rating; and freshman, Mauro Lara, III rating.

Viola: freshman, Ashley Kingstone, II rating; freshman, Quinlynn Harms, II rating; senior, Christian Argueta, II rating; senior, Cesar Alarcon, II rating; junior, Noah Longoria, II rating; and sophomore, Jasmine Garcia, II rating.

Cello: senior, Lydia Martinez, I rating; senior, Oswaldo Mezquita, I rating; senior, Kat Byers, II rating; junior, Lilly Moore, II rating; and junior, Jaelyn Grim, II rating.

Bass: senior, Jayson Resendiz, II rating; and junior, Makenna Metheny, I rating.

Nicole Hahn
Vice President of Community Development, FCEDC

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