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Garden City Public Schools Foundation To Award Mini-grants


The Garden City Public Schools Foundation Grant Squad will visit schools on Wednesday, March 10th, to award $200 mini-grants to help teachers enhance instruction in their classrooms.  The awards will be presented to teachers in a surprise celebration in their classrooms.

The foundation received 12 grant applications from staff around the school district.  The grants are awarded to help support learning initiatives in the classrooms.  The grants may be used for the classroom, department, or individual staff development for a district employee. The applications are read and judged by the Garden City Public Schools Foundation committee.

The Grant Squad will travel to the following schools, at these approximate times, to present mini-grant checks to teachers.  The teachers will receive the mini-grants include:

Ashley Powers            Jennie Wilson Elementary School       1401 Harding Ave.                  9:00 AM

Rebecca Brandt          Jennie Wilson Elementary School       1401 Harding Ave.                 9:10 AM

Julia Morales               Florence Wilson Elementary School   1709 Labrador Blvd.               9:30 AM

Scott Glass                  Garden City High School                   2720 Buffalo Way Blvd.         9:40 AM

Megan Ford                Jennie Barker Elementary School       5585 N. Jennie Barker Rd.    10:00 AM

Ashley Powers, Jennie Wilson Elementary School first grade teacher, will use the grant to purchase decodable readers which are effective in helping build reading skills, confidence and growth in readers.  This would get books safely into the hands of students and provide them the experience and opportunity to hold a book instead of reading from an iPad.

Rebecca Brandt, Jennie Wilson Elementary School librarian, will use the grant to purchase a 3-D printer.  Students will be able to craft designs and watch their projects be created on the printer. The project will help to expose students to the fun and creativity associated with 3-D printing.

Julia Morales, Florence Wilson Elementary School Instructional Coach, will use the grant to purchase Phonics Blast.  It is an intervention curriculum that systematically and explicitly helps struggling readers become stronger in their Phonemic Awareness and Phonics development.

Scott Glass, Garden City High School chemistry teacher, will use the grant to purchase magnetic molecular models.  The 3D molecular models called Snatoms can be easily pieced together using magnets instead of the traditional wooden ball and stick models.  The visual and kinesthetic models will help chemistry students discuss, model, and problem solve the 3D molecular shape.

Megan Ford, Jennie Barker Elementary School third grade teacher and Wellness Champ, will use the grant to purchase tools, resources, and rewards to help students and staff in encouraging, motivating and rewarding them in promoting self-care.  This will help create a positive learning environment for the school to enhance instruction and learning. 

The Garden City Public Schools Foundation has provided over $32,000 in grants to fund opportunities to enhance the learning environment and increase the effectiveness of instruction across the district. The foundation was founded in 2004 and is a non-profit organization that is committed to effectively generate, manage and distribute funds to stimulate excellence for the preservation and enhancement of exemplary education provided by Garden City Public Schools.  The Foundation functions in alliance with the Western Kansas Community Foundation.