As the state of Kansas unveils their phased plan for distribution of COVID19 vaccinations in Kansas, the Finney County Health Department continues to work closely with the
Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) to determine the process of vaccine distribution
in Finney County.
“We will follow KDHE’s lead in distribution to determine the best way to locally implement the
vaccination plan,” said Colleen Drees, Finney County Health Department Director.
While hospitals across Kansas have already received some doses of the vaccine, Finney County Health
Department expects to receive a limited supply of doses before the end of the year which will be
administered in Finney County per KDHE’s vaccination plan tiers.
Drees asks for patience from the community, “KDHE anticipates widespread distribution in the state by
summer 2021, though the availability of the vaccine is currently limited. We will work with KDHE to
distribute the vaccine in the community as efficiently as possible as we receive additional doses.”
Updates will be provided via Finney County Health Department’s Facebook page, local news media, and
website,, as to the distribution plan for Finney County as a larger
number of dosages becomes available.
For the Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s (KDHE) vaccination plan and weekly vaccine
updates, visit