Garden City High School Students Make District Choir

Garden City High School recently received word that the choir students that made the District Honor Choir were announced.  There will be no performance this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The GCHS students that earned spots in the choir include: Rylan Anderson, Bass 2; Kolby Blackburn, Tenor 2; Lezette Cantaros, Soprano 1; Jacoby Hurtado, Bass 1; Allison Lightner, Soprano 2; Emma Lightner, Soprano 2; Jayden Loving, Bass 1; Melissa Maruffo, Alto 1; Tucker Oglesby, Bass 1; Ryan Pilosof, Bass 1; Mo Say, Bass 1; Madison Stout, Alto 1; and Chelsea Valadez, Soprano 1.

The GCHS choir director is Abigail Martinez.