Finney County has partnered with the Turning Point Church of the Nazarene to
open a remote learning center that will provide access to and assistance with distance learning for
children of front-line employees. This partnership was made possible by the SPARK grant and the
support of the Finney County Health Department.
At this time, with limited spaces available, registration for the center is open to first responders. Finney
County in collaboration with the Church of the Nazarene will make continual assessments about space
and availability to serve as many students as possible, with the goal to open registration to more first
responders and front-line employees in the near future. Finney County Health Department will continue
to work with the Church of the Nazarene to ensure safety guidelines are met and monitored.
While schools in Unified School District 457 battle with closings and staff shortages, the remote learning
center will provide a safe, structured environment for children of front-line employees who are unable
to stay home to support their child’s schooling requirements. USD 457’s partnership with this initiative
will also provide breakfast and lunch to all students in the center.
Finney County thanks USD 457 and the Turning Point Church of the Nazarene for partnering with us to
help our community during this time of need.


For more information about the remote learning center, please email Colleen Drees, Health Department
Director, at