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Garden City Public Schools Recognizes National School Bus Safety Week

Garden City Public Schools will be celebrating National School Bus Safety Week October 19 – 23, 2020. Wednesday, October 23 has been set aside to celebrate and honor school bus drivers. Parents should be able to trust that when their child gets on the school bus, there is no need to worry about their safety. If everyone follows school bus safety rules, every child will stay safe.

Garden City Public Schools has 37 route drivers and maintains 58 top-of-the-line buses in the fleet.  The buses travel a total of 3,300 miles per day and they carry approximately 1,830 students daily.

A school bus driver must first qualify and obtain a commercial driver’s license.  School bus drivers must have a minimum of 12 hours actual “behind-the-wheel” training to become familiar with the handling of a larger vehicle.  They must submit to the Department of Transportation Physical and pre-employment drug and alcohol testing.  They must have their driving records scrutinized, they are required to complete defensive driving training, first aid/CPR training, and attend a safety training meeting with their fellow drivers each month.

A school bus driver transports anywhere from five to 65 students in a school bus, depending on its size, and must keep order and get the students to their destination in the best and worst conditions safely.

Bus drivers know the children they transport each day.  They are the first face a student gets to see from school each day and the last face from school each afternoon.  In many cases the bus driver becomes a confidant and a friend.

The primary goal of the Garden City Public Schools Transportation Department is to transport all students to and from school safely each day.  This helps to meet the district’s mission of quality learning – responsible citizens.