Sunday, August 14, 2022
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Census Deadline Extended to Sept 30

For those that haven’t had the chance to complete their 2020 census, the deadline to complete the survey has been extended to September 30.

Here a few quick facts on the census and why it’s IMPORTANT to fill it out:

  • Population numbers derived from the decennial census are used to distribute over $6 billion in federal funds to Kansas every year.
  • Every uncounted person costs the state of Kansas approximately $2,082 in federal funding.
  • Census data is used to determine federal, state and local voting districts.
  • Government, businesses and other stakeholders use census data for infrastructure and transportation planning; emergency preparedness, disaster relief, education funding, health tracking and disease control, and a multitude of other things.
  • Businesses and government agencies consider population trends when choosing places to locate, which in turn boosts economic growth.
  • As the census is only a once-every-10-years process, it is crucial to get the count right. If Kansas is under counted we will be shortchanged for a decade.

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To complete the census, visit here.