Saturday, February 4, 2023


The County Clerk and Election Office needs enthusiastic Finney County residents willing to work with us at the election polls this year.
Election Day takes many hands on deck working to make sure voters know where to go, how to use the new technology, ensure an accurate count, and see to it that everyone has the opportunity to vote privately and legally.
Many of our workers have assisted with local elections for decades. Cyndi Proffitt started serving Finney County in the 1982 elections and has worked every election since, with the exception of one, by mistake! “I grew up knowing my grandmother was an election worker in Lincoln Nebraska, so it’s something I already knew about,” says Proffitt. She says the people are what bring her back every year. “You see the same people come in and vote, and watch their kids grow every year, and then their kids come in to vote. It’s like a family reunion.” When the voters at the 9th precinct walk in and see Cyndi, they know exactly what to do and where to go. Even with the introduction of new technology in recent years, Cyndi says there is no substitution for human assistance at the polls. “The way Dori [Munyan, County Clerk] had it set up last year, it was so much more relaxing. It took a lot off the shoulders of the supervising judges and let us be able to watch and make sure everything went smoothly.” There are many roles to play for election workers, and each is as important as the other. “The comradery between the election workers is great,” says Proffitt. “We all know we are in this together, here to do a job and get it done correctly. I love helping everyone to do their part and vote, because it’s not just a right, it’s a responsibility. That’s why working the elections is so important to me.”
Workers are paid for their service but you can also volunteer your time if you need CEUs or just want to give back to your community. You must be a registered voter to work at the election polls, but there are also opportunities for students 16 years and older to get involved and serve the community. Contact us for more information about student election workers.
In light of the current health pandemic, you might be wondering what safety measures will be in place. We take the health and safety of our voters and workers very seriously. The Election Office is working closely with Finney County Emergency Management to provide supplies and implement protocols that will help keep everyone safe at each polling location. Some of the safety measures we are looking at include:
• Adequate supplies of hand sanitizer, face masks, and gloves
• Disinfectant wipes for use on high-touch surfaces
• Limiting the number of voters inside the polling location at one time

-Marking the floor for safe physical distancing

Equally important to us is proper training for each of our workers. As an election worker, the County Clerk’s Office will provide you adequate training and support for everything you will need to know and do on Election Day.
The Primary Election is on August 4, 2020; the General Election is November 3, 2020. We would love to have you work one or both election days this year!
If you are available, and would like to work or receive more information, please contact our Election Coordinator at (620) 272-3575.
We are excited to collaborate with you to give our community a positive experience at the polls!