The County Commission voted this week to open Finney County Wildwood Park on Monday, June 22, 2020.
The 130‐acre park will welcome visitors for fishing, camping, water and other outdoor activities year round, including a sand volleyball court.
Wildwood is a family‐friendly park, setup right next to the Arkansas River in Garden City. Spend the day fishing, have a picnic by the waterside, camp a few nights, or drive your ATV over and hop down into the riverbed for some off‐road adventure.
Wildwood requires a fee and permit for vehicle entry as well as overnight camping. While primitive campsites with picnic tables are available throughout the park, Wildwood also has 10 designated utility
hookups for RV campers.
County Public Works staff contributed many hours to preparing for the opening of the park and have already made plans for expanding outdoor activities and amenities in the near future. “We’re excited for
a disc golf course, horseshoes and tournaments, and the possibility of a cross‐country course, to name a few things in the works,” says Angie Schmitt, Parks Coordinator. “We were even contacted by the local
Renaissance Festival event sponsors to potentially host an official Renaissance Festival in 2021.”
Wildwood Park is a former rock quarry, once mined by the Finney County Public Works Department. After all the rock was mined out for road projects, the area became known as a pit, and somewhat of a dumping
ground for miscellaneous and unused equipment.
Over the years, rains filled the empty sand pits with water in several locations across the 130 acres, leaving ponds full and creating a good habitat for fish.
In 2019, Roger Calkins, Director of Finney County Public Works, began to see a new vision for the area. He gained approval for the concept of the park, and he and his staff began cleaning up the area, creating RV
parking spots, clearing campsite locations, and working with state and local agencies on everything it would take to create this park.
Calkins says, “We’re excited to offer the opportunity for people to fish in a local pond. We also realize water is a valuable local resource that should never be taken for granted. With that in mind, we have designed Wildwood to grow as we bring new experiences to the park.”
Finney County Wildwood Park is located at 293 Wilderness Drive, in Garden City, KS.
For park rules and regulations, fees, and news, please visit us at