Friday, August 12, 2022
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Centura Health Facilitating Connections for COVID-19 Patients

Recognizing the importance of familiar connections in the healing process, Centura Health is using iPads and virtual meeting technology to fill the critically important needs of patients isolated with the COVID-19 infection to connect with their loved ones.

“The infectious nature of coronavirus has made it difficult for families to connect physically,” says Dr. Shauna Gulley, Chief Clinical Officer of Centura Health. “So, we are turning to technology to fill the gap.”

Beginning today, the region’s largest health care system will start using iPads to connect COVID-19 patients with the outside world in each of its 17 hospitals across Colorado and western Kansas. Every COVID-19 patient room will be equipped with a device, “Both to communicate with family and friends, but also with nursing staff, which will help further conserve personal protective equipment,” Dr. Gulley said. “This initiative speaks right to the heart of Centura Health’s mind, body, spirit philosophy – the benefit of hearing a loving, familiar voice is integral to the healing process, and we are very pleased to have found a safe and effective way to keep this important component of recovery in place.”

As with many things related to the novel virus, we won’t know for some time the impact of isolation on COVID-19 patients specifically, but data on the impact of isolation on the healing process, in general, is significant and demonstrates patients who are battling for their lives need to hear a familiar voice more than ever.

“Early results obtained through pilots of this initiative have been extremely positive, with incredible stories. From the quarantined new mothers resting more easily having virtually connected with her newborn, to a severely ill wife opening her eyes with her husband’s words of encouragement – humanity helps in ways medicine can’t,” explains Dr. Gulley.