Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Finding the Silver Lining

Happy Friday! (It’s Friday, right???) As many of you may know (or not), the Greater Garden City site is a partnership between Garden City Journal and Finney County Economic Development Corporation.  Which means FCEDC staff split the duties of maintaining the GGC website and social media sites.  In normal times, we usually post press releases from area organizations to help spread the word about positive things and events happening in our area.  But, as we all know, these are not normal times.  During the past few weeks, our jobs have been a little more difficult in finding the positive stories to post to the site.  It seems everywhere you turn, it’s an increase in COVID-19 cases, tips on social distancing, state and federal programs to help lessen the burden on businesses, and the list goes on. While we don’t want to diminish the importance of that information, we thought we would take a different angle on the COVID-19 crisis:  How have the implications of this virus affected your daily life in a POSITIVE way?  

FCEDC staff and their families were asked to share some of the positive repercussions of social distancing, stay at home orders, continuous learning, and working remotely from home. 

Lona, President & CEO

  • Watching our business community prove their resilience in trying times.
  • Seeing our community rally to protect one another.
  • Witnessing so many community members offer their assistance to others who may be more vulnerable.
  • Watching our educational entities react with efficiency and grace while facing this challenge.
  • Seeing so many families sharing their flexibility in meeting the demands of suddenly becoming critical players in the education of their children.

Steve, Special Projects

  • Learning we still know how to cook!
  • Learning new skills on our phones and computers that we never knew we needed.
  • The garage is a little cleaner.

Shannon, Strategic Analyst, & wife, Nicole, GCCC Instructor

  • Getting to watch the girls learn and see how smart they are. 
  • I like seeing the community rally around ideas like the bear hunt. 
  • The kids have time to play outside more. 
  • The girls are really getting involved with playing with each other. 
  •  Keagan is doing Zoom meetings with her friends which I think has helped them become better friends. 
  • Get to meet the lunch ladies at the school, who are all nice. 
  • Get to learn new software.
  • Get to do fun cooking instead of just necessary cooking (chocolate chip cookies!)
  • Being able to help Kendall learn to ride a bike. 
  • Have time to finish up a scarf I was knitting.

Nicole, VP Community Development, and husband, John, United Wireless manager

  • Watching my kids adjust to the change of going to school at home like it was no big deal.
  • Seeing the community come together and help those in need, whether it be the businesses or residents.
  • Childcare providers/workers rock. Seriously.
  • Gaining patience/tolerance with each other.
  • House projects that have been on the to-do list for years (literally) are getting done.
  • Making a conscience effort to get outside and get some fresh air.
  • Spending more quality time together as a family. It’s been forever since we’ve had the time to play a board game or put together a puzzle.
  • More TIME.  It seems the days go by slower; the weeks are longer. But that’s not all bad. It’s given us time to SLOW DOWN and take a break from the hectic day to day of “normal” life.
  • Learning how to use video conferencing!
  • How important taking care of yourself is.
  • A real focus has been brought to light about what REALLY matters.
  • A realization of how many people rely on our jobs that we didn’t see before.
  • A better understanding of the economy and how it is affected by things like this.  

Above all, we’ve gained even more of an appreciation for the great community that we get to live in. To watch our local officials, school district administrators and teachers, business owners and residents navigate this unprecedented time with strength and grace has been truly amazing.  Whether it is organizing a bear hunt or cruising Main, this community continues to show its strengths.  Our “never give up” spirit is what makes us unique and allows us to continue to succeed in all we do. We’re all in this together. There will be a light at the end of the tunnel soon! And toilet paper!