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Great Plains Makerspace Loans Laptops to Students/Families During Continuous Learning

Many business and organizations have reached out to the Garden City community during this uncertain time.  Normal day-to-day life has been flipped upside down with the recent events of the COVID-19 crisis. On March 17, 2020, Governor Laura Kelly issued an executive order that mandated Kansas schools to close for the remainder of the 2019-20 academic year to help slow the spread of the virus.  For educators, students, and families, this meant a complete change of pace for the foreseeable future.  Garden City schools worked furiously during an extended spring break to ensure the education of the students through various types of technology.  March 30, 2020 was the official start of the continuous learning plan.

The Great Plains MakerSpace recently reached out to Trina Delgado, principal of St. Dominic Catholic School, to gauge the need for technological devices at the schools of St. Dominic and St. Mary.  The MakerSpace had 6 laptops that they weren’t currently using for their programming and decided to allow families in the community to use them.   Within a few hours, Mrs. Delgado responded that they did indeed have a few families that would be interested in using the laptops temporarily.

Shannon Dick, president of the Great Plains MakerSpace board, dropped the laptops off at St. Dominic School Wednesday morning.  “We felt like we needed to do something to help families out during this time.  We only had 6 extra laptops, but that helps 6 additional families implement their continuous learning plans.  Every little bit counts right now.”

The families are allowed to use the laptops during the duration of the continuous learning plan, which will conclude around mid-May.   

Great Plains MakerSpace is a community center for people to gather to create, invent, collaborate, explore, teach, and learn. Focus areas include: shop (wood and metal), fabrication (laser cutting, 3D-printing, and computer-aided design), electronics (circuitry and programming), textiles (sewing and embroidering), arts (pottery and stained glass), communication (video and audio), and food (commercial kitchen and hydroponics).  Currently, their programming is available at remote locations at various times throughout the year. Interested parties can check their Facebook page (@GreatPlainsMakerSpace) or website ( for upcoming events.