Are you working from home? Some tips to help ease the transition…

In today’s world, we are lucky to have the capabilities to work remotely from home, especially in these uncertain times.   However, for those that are used to going into the office every day, working from home can be tough.  Here’s a few tips to help ease the process: 

  • Continue Your Routine: Wake up at your normal time, shower, get dressed.  
  • Dedicate a Space: Pick a spot in the house to make your “command station”. Keep in mind whether you’re going to need to spread out or you just need a space for your laptop.  The kitchen table is a common spot, but if you use the table each evening for family dinner, that could pose issues. 
  • Set a Schedule:   If you work 8 to 5, try to stick to a similar format.   
  • Work Breaks into your Day: Taking breaks during the day can help keep you on task while breaking up the monotony of the work day.  If you normally take an hour lunch, maintain that routine.  Be sure to take a couple of short breaks during your day as well.  Take a walk around the block, start a load of laundry, get a snack.
  • MOVE: Be mindful of moving around during your day. It’s easy to get into a “groove” and before you know it, it’s 4:00 and you’ve walked 50 steps today. Set reminders on your phone to get up and walk around! 
  • Socialize:  If your job keeps you in contact with people on a daily basis, switching to a work at home format can be a shock to your social life.  Google Hangout, Zoom, etc. Are great options to keep in contact with your officemates. 
  • Take Sick Time: If you’re feeling under the weather, take the time off.  The urge to work when you’re at home, even when you’re sick, can be overwhelming. You’re not expected to show up for work when you’re sick in normal scenarios, the same applies when you’re working from home.