Southwest Kansas Builders charter officially approved

GARDEN CITY — The Southwest Kansas Builders Association (SWKBA) charter was officially approved June 8 by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

The members of SWKBA, the eighth local association in Kansas, join more than 2,000 other members across the state NAHB and the Kansas Building Industry Association (KBIA). 

As the newest official association, the SWKBA joins a network of more than 700 HBAs and 140,000 members across the country, further strengthening the ability to engage decision makers on a wide range of issues from federal environmental regulations, to statewide construction mandates, to local code adoption. The knowledge and resources available to a local association from NAHB are extensive with staff dedicated exclusively to code amendments and adoption, education and training, and grassroots outreach. 

In addition to those key governmental issues, associations and NAHB members also have access to a number of membership programs that can help save their members money. 

Exclusive member benefits range from a statewide work comp insurance pool (Kansas Builders Insurance Group) to the NAHB Savings program that includes rebates on new vehicle purchases, discounts on travel, insurance, computers, office supplies, and much more.

NAHB, founded in the 1940s, has long served as the voice of America’s home building industry, ensuring that housing is a national priority and that all Americans have access to safe, affordable housing whether they choose to rent, buy, or build their home.

NAHB and KBIA fight for members in Washington, D.C., Topeka, and local communities, working to defeat excessive regulations and to protect businesses. The advocacy efforts include educating legislators and administrative staff, building successful coalitions, and mobilizing grassroots support on a wide range of issues important to the industry.