Commission discusses goals during day-long retreat

Garden City Commissioners Troy Unruh, Lindsay Byrnes, and Dan Fankhauser discuss incentive programs during Wednesday’s goal setting retreat at the Finnup Center.

GARDEN CITY — On Wednesday, the Garden City Commission spent the day in their annual goal-setting retreat at the Finnup Center, discussing a myriad of issues and progress on previous goals with an eye toward fining tuning the whole thing into what will eventually be shaped into the city’s roadmap for the next 18 months.

The city uses the retreat and goal setting session to assist the commission in its work on the annual budget. Work on the 2020 budget will take place now through the spring and early summer before being finalized.

A preliminary draft of goals will be prepared by administration and staff before being reviewed by the commission. Eventually, the goals will be finalized and approved at a regular commission meeting, which in the past has occurred in April.