GCCC Meats Team places second at Southwest Invitational

The Garden City Community College 2019 Meats Team began its year with a great performance at the Southwest Invitational contest in Friona and Lubbock, Texas, Jan. 11-12.

The team finished second overall, finishing only 23 points behind the first place team, and finishing as Champions in Beef Grading and Total Beef, while taking 2nd in Lamb Judging, Pork Judging, Beef Judging, Questions and Placings. The final team score of 3589 was the highest the team had scored since 2013.

Several individuals on the team performed well, including Dallie Metheney of Scott City, who scored highest individual overall, surpassing the competition by 24 points. Metheney also placed 1st in Beef Grading, 1st in Total Beef, 2nd in Beef Judging, 2nd in Questions, 4th in Pork Judging and 5th in Placings.

Emily Glenn, also of Scott City, was 8th overall placing 5th in Total Beef.

Kyle Hammond (Holcomb) placed 10th overall as an individual and was High Individual in Lamb Judging with a perfect score—a feat that has not been accomplished since 2016. Hammond also placed 2nd in Placings.

Ben Bradbury (Winfield) was 18th overall placing 4th in Beef Grading.

Alternates Placings:

• Morgan Hoskinson (Satanta): 9th overall; 3rd in Placings; 4th in Total Beef; 5th in Beef Judging

• Taylor Paxson (Medicine Lodge): 19th overall ; High Individual in Beef Judging

• Kaden Anthony (Satanta): 21st overall

• Marcus Archuleta (Garden City): 31st overall

• Jenny Kreger (Ness City): 44th overall

• RaeAnne Blevins (Satanta): 46th overall

• Riley Eisenhauer (Eustis, NE): 49th overall

 “I believe students did an outstanding job on a pretty tough contest,” Meats Team Coach, Dr. Clint Alexander wrote in an email to all GCCC staff.