GCCC Endowment ‘Phonathon’ surpasses goal

GARDEN CITY — The Endowment Association at Garden City Community College raised a total of $67,907 in pledges during its annual two-week Phonathon from October 1 – 11, surpassing the goal of $50,000 by over $17,000.

Jeremy Gigot, Endowment Association executive director, said in a media release that the association is “so thankful for the continued support of the donors of Garden City Community College.  This year’s Phonathon was record breaking, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with the community and continuing to serve area students.”

This year’s theme was “For the Students,” and the overwhelming community response to calls over the past two weeks has proven that the community wants to support scholarships for the students.

According to Gigot, the student groups that participate in the Phonathon call friends, families, and other contacts. Because of these personal connections, the funds generated by a group on any night of the Phonathon are typically pledged toward and designated for the specific program or programs represented by those participants.

Weekly total were as follows:

Nightly Totals: Week 2

  • Oct 8 Rodeo: $9,205
  • Oct 9 Halo/Lulac: $9,485 + an additional $160 in pledges
  • Oct 10 Fine Arts: $7,655
  • Oct 11 GCCC Endow Board/Ambassador Students: $2,835

Week 2 Total: $29,340

Nightly Totals: Week 1

  • Oct 1 DPS and PTK: $5,925
  • Oct 2 Nursing: $12,965 + $2,000 Match
  • Oct 3 Meats and Journalism: $8,742 + $500 Match + $100
  • Oct 4 Cosmetology: $8,335

Week 1 Total: $38,567