HPPR Living Room Concert

High Plains Public Radio’s Living Room Concert series will feature JF Stover at 7 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 10, at the HPPR Studios, 210 N. Seventh St. in Garden City.

Church choir and a neighborhood ragtime piano player planted early musical appreciation in folksinger JF Stover – and a musical family helped too.

He remembers his mom & dad whistling close-harmony swing tunes on car trips, and waking up to his older sisters practicing Mozart on western Kansas mornings. Mom also taught piano lessons, and Dad remembered songs from his days as a dance-band saxophonist. And during the holidays, the whole family toured the town singing four-part harmony on Christmas carols.

College in the 1960s brought about JF Stover’s fascination with learning how to play guitar, interpreting popular folk groups as well as legends like Pete Seeger and The Carter Family. He eventually also opened up to other traditional music—genres like blues, bluegrass, and world music.

This obsession with music continued during his decade in Germany: soldiering, street singing, playing bass in a balalaika band, and teaching meditation. Banjo and fiddle sounds eventually lured him back to traditional American music, which he currently explores with several groups.

Now self-accompanied through loop-pedal magic, JF Stover performs fingerstyle guitar, old-time banjo, fiddle, mandolin, and autoharp.

His shows rework songs from his childhood church choir, the whistling car, his neighborhood pianist, and more. JF’s music takes inspiration from new songwriters, his own perspectives, and a legion of teachers, past and present.

“My music runs from solemn to silly, with capsules of experience and imagination, opening the ordinary to reveal the miraculous, remembering what’s been, paying attention to what’s now, and imagining what can be,” Stover said.

The concert is free, though a donation of $15 is suggested. RSVP online at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hppr-living-room-concert-jf-stover-tickets-51561767635, or call (806) 367-9088.