Big Pool opens season

By SCOTT AUST, FCEDC Director of Communications

Just a few days after filling it up, the Big Pool saw some activity earlier this week during an event that brought the children of city employees to the pool while the city staff shoot video footage for promotional materials in advance of the pool’s opening.

“We wanted to do some videos … and we’re going to do a 10 day countdown with a new video each day, and we’re going to highlight a different activity or thing to do here at the Big Pool. In doing that, we asked Garden City employees to bring out their kids and let them have a ball,” said Jennifer Cunningham, assistant city manager for the City of Garden City.

“We’re very excited. There’s lots of new things coming,” she said.

The Big Pool’s opening day is Saturday, May 26. There will be free admission, tube and toy rental from 1 to 7 p.m. Every 100th patron wins a summer pass to the pool. The pool will be open daily from 1 to 7 p.m. following the grand opening.

Some of the new things at the pool this year include the Aquaglide circuit challenge, a 32 feet by 42 feet inflatable obstacle course, basketball hoops and balls, inflatable two-person floats, dive rings, equipment rentals and more.

See our video here:

Cunningham said she has seen the Aquaglide at lakes but it’s getting more popular at resorts to give kids more to do, so she thought it would be a good way to both get more use out of the pool’s deep end and give kids another thing to do at the pool.

“It has trampolines, a skinny course to walk across, it has monkey bars, a plunge pool, and it has flat pads for you to run across. We’ll probably have some competitions this summer where you can win prizes for doing it.

Cunningham said there will be extra lifeguards stationed at the Aquaglide and the pool has added additional life jackets in different sizes to accommodate those who would feel more comfortable using it while wearing a life jacket.

During the employee event, Mayor Roy Cessna volunteered to try out the Aquaglide while wearing a GoPro camera. The footage will be used to produce some of the promotional videos that will appear on the pool’s Facebook page.

Cessna indicated it was a fun experience and recommended people try it this summer.

“The new Aquaglide is awesome. I just got done running around it. It will be a new and great experience at the Big Pool.

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Season Passes

A single pool pass for the season is $55 for an individual 48 inches or taller, and $45 for those under 48 inches. A Family Pass is $120 for a family of four and $15 for additional family members. A booklet of 30 passes is $50. Water aerobics is $20 which includes all classes or $5 per class. Lap swim is $10 for all lap swims or $2 per lap swim.

Splash Park hours are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. During Big Pool operating hours, guests must enter through the gatehouse and pay the entry fee to use the Splash Park. If the pool is closed, guests can enter from the outside gate for free.

Those interested in having a birthday party or other event at the Splash Park should call Jennifer Cunningham at (620) 276-1157.

To rent all or part of the Big Pool for an event, contact Jennifer Cunningham at (620) 276-1157.