GCHS art, FCCLA, debate and forensics, and music students compete


GCHS Art Students Receive Awards

Garden City High School art students competed in the annual Fort Hays State University Student Art Show on April 18. The school took 139 pieces of art work and won 48 awards at the competition.

Students created their artwork using a variety of mediums and disciplines, including sculpture and ceramics, painting, drawing, and graphic design. Students also toured the FHSU art department and gained experience setting up and taking down an art show.

The next competition will be at the Spring Art Showcase on Friday, May 4, from 5 – 7 p.m. in the GCHS Commons Area, 2720 Buffalo Way Blvd. There will be a potluck and awards banquet for spring semester student award winners that evening.

The award winners and their number of awards received include: Kaci Bunch (3 awards), Miranda Ferrel (2 awards), PJ Almaguer (1 award), Sa Pi Ma Be (1 award), Adriana Lopez (1 award), Alejandra Reyes (2 awards), Alex Herrera (1 award), Alexis Iman (1 award), Angelina West (2 awards), Brandy Macedo (1 award), Crystal Cruz (1 award), David Cabral-Banuelos (1 award), Elizabeth Unruh (3 awards), Emily Arrieta (3 awards), Emy Martinez (1 award), Esmeralda Sepulveda (3 awards), Gilbert Molina (1 award), Irrissa Carvajal (1 award), Sofia Ortiz (1 award), Skyler Wallace (1 award), Shelby Espino (1 award), Ryan Berry (1 award), Paige Gigot (1 award), Odalys Espino (1 award), Monica Aguirre (1 award), Mireya Vaquez (1 award), Megan Cady (1 award), Lilia Acosta (1 award), Jose Cruz (1 award), Jennifer Ramirez (1 award), Jillian Artus (1 award), Jazmeen Vasquez (1 award), Jaclyn Radke (1 award), Isaac Arrieta (1 award), Taryn Tabor (1 award), Veronica Aguilar (1 award), and Yessenia Aguero-Diaz (1 award).

GCHS Students Advance to National FCCLA STAR Competition

Garden City High School members of the Kansas Association of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, or FCCLA, attended the annual State Leadership Conference and STAR (Students Taking Action with Recognition) Event Competition April 15 – 17 in Wichita.

The following students qualified to compete at the National FCCLA Convention June 27 – July 2 in Atlanta, Ga.: Javier Cervantes – senior, Occupational Fashion Design, silver ranking; Cassandra Parra – sophomore, and Victoria Ramirez – junior, Occupational Food Innovations, gold ranking; and Brenda Resendiz – senior, Occupational Recycle and Redesign, silver ranking.

The following students also competed and placed at the state competition: Tammy Troung – sophomore, Occupational Fashion Construction, silver ranking; Thida Southvangs – sophomore, Fashion Construction, silver ranking; Raylyn Swank – senior, Occupational Teach and Train, silver ranking; Mirtha Arzate – senior, Occupational Entrepreneurship, bronze ranking; Kathryn Chandler – junior, Occupational Job Interview, silver ranking; Ivy Servin – junior, Occupational Career Investigation, bronze ranking; and Itzel Areola and Flor Contreras – seniors, Occupational Life Event Planning, bronze ranking.

Robyn Hilt, Elisabeth Maldonado, and Jenette Turpin are the Garden City High School FCCLA advisors.

GCHS Debate and Forensic Students Qualify for National Competition

The Garden City High School (GCHS) Debate and Forensics Team finished its national qualifying season at the West Kansas National Speech and Debate Association (WKNSDA) District Individual Events Tournament on April 21 at Buhler.

At the conclusion of the tournament, the following students qualified for the national tournament in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., in June: Kimberly Loya/Daniel Darter, Duo Interpretation; AJ Ramirez/Juliana Casas, Duo Interpretation; Trevor Southern, United States Extemporaneous Speaking; Carolyn Levi, Congressional Debate, Senate; and Gracie Mueller/Reagan Wright, Public Forum Debate.

In addition, GCHS Principal Steve Nordby was recognized as the WKNSDA Principal of the Year for his support of debate and forensics at GCHS, and Russ Tidwell was inducted into the WKNSDA Coaches Hall of Fame.

GCHS Music Department Rates At State Competition

The Garden City High School music department participated in the State Large Group Contest held April 18 at Dodge City High School.  A panel made up of three judges rated each of the performances in their particular music group.

GCHS took two bands to state competition. Symphonic Band received a “I” rating and the Wind Ensemble received a “I” rating.

There were three choirs that participated in the state competition.  Les Chantes, Modern Show Choir and the A Cappella Choir all received a “I” rating.

The orchestra had two groups compete at state.  The Symphonic and Philharmonic combined orchestras received a “I” rating.  The Concert and Freshman orchestras performed together and received a “I” rating.

GCHS Orchestra Students Advance To State Competition

Garden City High School orchestra students traveled to Dodge City High School for regional solo and ensemble contest on Saturday, April 14. There were 29 entries in the competition with ten soloists advancing to the state competition that will take place in Topeka on Saturday, April 28.

The GCHS orchestra soloists that received a “I” rating and are advancing to state include: Melanie Sigala, violin; Emily Arrieta, violin; Lucas Torres, violin; Brandon Smith, cello; Tia Dunsworth, bass; Rayenah Bergstrom, viola; Jade Valdez, violin; Oswaldo Mezquita, cello; Jayson Resendiz, bass; and Kyler Bennett, cello.

The following students that received a “II” rating on solos were: Samantha Sosa, viola; Irvin Ramirez, viola; Dulce Perez, violin; Ruby Solorzano, cello; Tyrel Haynes, viola; Aaron Riojas, viola; Carole Galia, violin; Mary Niere, violin; Brenda Ortiz, violin; Sydney  Bunch, viola; Camelot Ferrera, cello; Abigail Aguilar, violin; Christian Argueta, viola; Cesar Alarcon, viola; Heidy Aguilar, violin; and Bryanna Chavez, violin.

The following students that received a “III” rating on solos were: Vanessa Mota, viola; Jessica Wedel, cello; and Ethan Newberry, violin.

Summer Miller is the GCHS orchestra director.

GCHS Choir Students Advance To State Competition

Garden City High School choir students traveled to Dodge City High School for regional solo and ensemble contest on April 14. There were four ensembles and 12 soloists that competed at the competition. Students receiving a “I” rating have qualified to perform at state competition that will take place in Topeka, Kansas on Saturday, April 28.

The GCHS choir soloists that received a “I” rating and are advancing to state include: Jescie Bribiesca, Elena Lopez, Kimberly Loya, Andy Oyler, and Jhamel Transfiguracion.

The GCHS Freshman Girls Ensemble received a “I” rating and is advancing to state competition.

The GCHS soloists that received a “II” rating include: Ashley Archer, Shyanne Brantley, Jasmin Flores, Kristen Griebel, Alyssa Nava, Brendon Spangler, and Esmeralda Torres.

The GCHS Buffalo Men and Buffalo Women’s ensembles received a “II” rating.

Les Chantes Ensemble received a “III” rating.

The GCHS choir director is Misty Baldwin.

GCHS Band Students Advance To State Competition

Garden City High School band students traveled to Dodge City for Regional Solo/Ensemble contest on April 14. There were 12 solos that advanced to the state competition that will be held at Topeka on Saturday, April 28.

The GCHS band soloists that received a “Superior” rating and are advancing to state competition include: Marilu Rodriguez, flute; Orion Craig, trombone; Caleb Tewell, horn; Brendan Hoke, flute; Colten May, euphonium; Jessica Pammenter, flute; Oscar Hernandez, tenor saxophone; Dade Horney, baritone saxophone; Shelby Irsik, clarinet; Veronica Martinez, flute; Jesus Alvarado, flute; and Taylor Terpstra, flute.

The following students also competed and earned an “Excellent” rating: Ryan Wessels, trumpet; Riley Metheny, euphonium; Ashlyn Swan, flute; Julia Irsik, clarinet; Reid Hopkins, clarinet; and Abigail Aguilar, flute.

The GCHS band director is Lyle Sobba; assistant band director is Makenzi Johnson.