GCCC College Players to present ‘Boys From Syracuse’

The final production from the Garden City Community College Players this year will be Rodger’s and Hart’s classic musical The Boys from Syracuse. The play will run at 7:30 p.m. from April 19-21, and 2 p.m. April 22 in the Pauline Joyce Fine Arts Auditorium.

“This is just a fun night in the theatre with a lot of classic songs that have been lost to popular music.  I think audiences will be delighted by several of these works,” says Phil Hoke, Director of Theatre.

The play is based on William Shakespeare’s A Comedy of Errors and tells the story of a family who has twins that become separated during an ocean voyage. One twin is raised by his father in Ephesus, and the other is raised in Syracuse by his mother.

Having never met one another, a madcap comedy of misidentification, slapstick humor, and romance ensues.  The first of Shakespeare’s plays to be adapted to musical style, it tells the story for modern audiences in a much more direct way.

The GCCC production continues the tradition of community involvement begun by former theatre director Skip Mancini.

“Theatre is a passion of mine, and I love doing shows at GCCC.  This show has been a blast.  The characters and songs are hilarious, especially, ‘What can you do with a man?’” Suzanne Jackson, who plays the role of Luce, said. Obviously, women have been asking that question for ages, but the play offers an odd suggestion.

“I’m super excited to be a part of this show.  It’s got some amazing comedy, a little irreverence, and a lot of great talent,” said Misty Baldwin, choir director of Garden City High School, who plays one of the lead roles and serves as vocal director for the production.

The music is not overly technical, but it includes early jazz and blues overtones that audiences will certainly enjoy.

“Obviously, we’re uniting the talents of community and students” Hoke said. “The exciting thing for me is that we are bringing together students whose majors include art, band, choir, drama, criminal justice and others who have never fully realized a musical production, and this is a fun one to start with.”

Costumes are being designed by freshman Madison Adler.

“I wanted to be true to the tradition of Ancient Greece, so we’re building all of the costumes the way they would. That means there’s a lot of draping done, but it’s been interesting to work with this style of costuming,” she said.

Wyatt Smith, who plays one of the twin brothers, noted, “The Boys from Syracuse, is a story full of mishap, fun, and love. Each character brings to light a different trait that we as humans seem to share, which makes the show very relatable and easy to experience. I am very excited to be involved in this process and can’t wait to share it with the community.”

Tickets are on sale and can be reserved by calling Mark Scheopner at (620) 276-9540. Tickets are free to GCCC faculty, staff, and students; $10 for general admission; and $8 for seniors and those 17 or under.