Regan Jewelers marking 83 years in business downtown

Tim Regan and his sister-in-law Jenise Regan operate Regan’s Jewelers in downtown Garden City, a business opened in 1934 by Tim’s parents, Aloysius and Pearl Regan.
By SCOTT AUST, FCEDC Director of Communications

Editor’s Note: This story is part of a month-long series called the 25 Days of Downtown Christmas that will highlight the fantastic selection of retailers in downtown Garden City.

In 1934, Aloysius and Pearl Regan took a chance and bought a small jewelry store in Garden City that has now been in business going on 83 years.

“Mom and dad came out of northeast Kansas,” said Tim Regan, their son. “My father was 19 at the time, read an ad in a trade publication up there about a jewelry store for sale. Came out and I think there was three or four actual pieces of jewelry and he grew it from there.”

Tim and his late brother, Shawn Regan, were partners in the business. Now Tim partners with his sister-in-law, Shawn’s wife Jenise.

Jenise described her job as “getting to look at pretty things all day.”

“We also have the privilege of being a part of people’s celebrations, which is cool. Birthdays, anniversary, weddings, engagements, you name it,” she said.

Regan Jewelers has been located at 412 N. Main Street since the mid-1950s. Originally, it was located about a block west of Main on Laurel Street, then moved for a time to the east side of Main near where Gipson’s Jewelry is now.

Regans offers a wide selection of jewelry of all kinds including rings, pendants, and necklaces, and works with all sorts of precious gems and metals. Merchandise is available in all price ranges. Regan’s has two goldsmiths and four sales staff on hand to assist customers.

“We do a lot of one-on-one with people in creating jewelry. We have a large, extensive line of our own, in-house line,” Tim said.

“We have molded pieces, which means it’s our collection,” Jenise added. “But it’s not like when you go to box store. You’re not getting one of a thousand that somebody else has. Quality is more important to us than quantity.”

Regan’s uses both computer-aided design and modeling and a large amount of hands-on work to create their pieces. Colored gemstones are one of their specialties.

“Our goldsmiths have put together a lot of one of a kind pieces that we’re showcasing this year. This will be the first year we’ve had the collection we have, and that’s because of all the colored stones we’ve acquired,” Jenise said.

Both Regans credited great customers and the relationships that have been built over the years for keeping them energized. Many of their first customers have children who are all grown up now and come back to the store to shop, which is neat to see, according to Jenise.

“We’re seeing third and fourth generations now. When people come to town to visit their family, sometimes they come here first,” Jenise said in a whisper. “Don’t say that out loud because their family might get upset.”

In addition to customer service, a good location is important to the Regans and they don’t want to be anywhere else other than downtown.

“Absolutely. It’s like family downtown. Lots of other great merchants that have come and gone,” Tim said.

“And a lot of new and younger ones now, which is great,” Jenise added.

“Anyone that comes downtown can experience quality products with knowledgeable merchants. It’s not a part time thing, it’s life,” Tim said.

Hours 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For the holidays, the store will be open from 1 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 17, and they plan to be open from 1 to around 3 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 24.

See them on Facebook at Regan Jewelers, and check with the store for holiday promotions this month.