Fire station project toured

Garden City Fire Chief Allen Shelton talks about the new break room area during a progress update tour of the station remodel project. The project is expected to be completed sometime within about 90 days.


Garden City Fire Chief Allen Shelton provided Garden City Commissioners this week a look at progress made on a remodel of the Central Fire Station in downtown Garden City.

The roughly $1.7 million project is anticipated to be completed within about 90 days, and included building an addition to the existing station on the north side to house new living quarters and changing current quarters into office space for fire officials.

Before the commission’s regular Tuesday business meeting, Shelton showed off a new kitchen area/break room, new bathrooms and dorm area that can accommodate eight firefighters instead of six, the dispatch room and spots under construction that will house new office space for the fire marshal and three  battalion chiefs, as well as a new meeting room.

“This is the room when they’re not out on duty, this is kind of their living quarters,” Shelton said while showing off the break area and kitchen. “I would call this a day room, because there’s a lot of activity in this room right here.  As you can see, we have three refrigerators. Each shift has their own, and on the back side each has their own pantry and then they share the rest of the kitchen.”

One of the break room area chairs bearing the fire department patch.

The basement is also being renovated to include a larger fitness room and storage area.

An exhaust removal system was installed in the bay area to filter out truck exhaust and facilitate healthier working conditions in the building.

The central station was built in 1982. It was soon remodeled to create a dorm area but more space was needed for ongoing operations, and to provide separate facilities to accommodate the addition of female firefighters. The former shower area is being turned into a laundry facility.