GCHS Drama wins Jester Awards

The Garden City High School drama department won three Jesters Awards from the Music Theatre of Wichita on Friday, May 12, including Kaci Bunch, Technical Achievement Award; Ignacio Perez , Pre-High School Performer; and Baylee Almos, Misty Baldwin, Jennifer Mahoney and Sandy Almos, Lobby Display. Kaci Bunch also received a $2,500 Technical Theatre Scholarship at the event.

The department was nominated for 18 Jester Awards, including: overall production, “A Christmas Story”; direction, Barbara Hilt for “A Christmas Story”; best supporting actress, Baylee Almos as Ms. Shields in “A Christmas Story”; underage performers, Ignacio Perez as Ralphie, Razel Quintero as Randy, and Kevin Mahoney as Swartz in “A Christmas Story”; cameo performers, Maddie and Lou Schneider as the Bumpus Hounds in “A Christmas Story”; production number, Pandemonium from “25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”; orchestra, Lyle Sobba for “A Christmas Story”; choreography/staging, Kim Cano and Annalise Parr for “A Christmas Story”; stage crew for “A Christmas Story”; technical achievement, Kaci Bunch for scenic design for “A Christmas Story”; scenic design, Alice Hilt, Barbara Hilt and technical theatre classes for “A Christmas Story”; costume design, Robyn Hilt and Madison Adler for “A Christmas Story”; lighting design, Jared Steele and Cameron Wallace for “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”; sound design, Yovani Cruz for “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”; graphic design, Victoria Phongpaew for “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”; and lobby display, Baylee Almos, Sandy Almos, Misty Baldwin, and Jennifer Mahoney for “A Christmas Story”.


Music Theatre Wichita launched the Jester Awards program to honor excellence in high school musical theatre. The program recognizes the extraordinary amount of work, creativity, and dedication that faculty and students pour into their high school theatrical productions. Recognition is given to casts and crews, directors and designers – all of whom work to stage these great works of musical theatre.