Garden City Journal: Thank You for 3000 Likes and Counting


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Wow, wow, wow, 3,000 Likes! Thanks to everyone who takes time out of their day to check in to see what awesome things are happening in Garden City! This page has been going for just over 14 months and in this short amount of time it is crazy to think how much Garden City has grown; when we started Schulman Crossing was a dirt field, most of us had never heard of a STAR bond, and people would think that you are crazy if you said that we would have an indoor waterpark by Fall of 2015. And that is only the huge things, there has been a constant stream of amazing development for the last couple of years, and it looks like it might only be speeding up. What an amazing time to be in Garden City! (Did we mention, Old Chicago, the new Cancer Center, a couple new motels, strong Downtown development, the vast amounts of new houses and apartments being built, expanding industry and businesses, award winning community groups, and on and on..?)

Remember though that none of this happened because of luck. We have amazing leadership in Garden; our elected officials, City staff, professionals, private investors, and service people all make the growth possible. But even more important are the people that live in Garden City. Everyday we are constantly reminded how many great people that we have in our community. Because after all when it comes down to it people move to Garden and businesses grow here because they believe in the people in our city, and we don’t let them down (in fact we surpass their expectations time and time again). We aren’t just another city made of buildings and tax breaks; we are a thriving city that appreciates all of our community members and value our diversity as a strength not a hindrance.

So what is next for the Garden City Journal? Well we are working on a couple of things that might allow us to take the next step. Stay tuned to see what things we have in store!

*Now for the contest: To have a chance to win a $15 Patrick Dugan’s Gift Card just comment below about what you think Garden City will be like in 5 years (2020). One or two sentences is enough, then read through the comments and like the ones that you agree with. I will pick the highest liked comment as well as one randomly chosen comment to win a gift card!*

Again, thanks to everyone who takes time to read the Journal! Garden City really is a wonderful place to live, work, and play -just try to not rub it in to your friends and family stuck in Eastern Kansas too much.