Meet Your GC Journal Founder and Positive Thinker

Ed. Note:  Gary Dick here (the Longmont, CO one–not the Gary you may know of Dick Construction).  I wanted you to meet Shannon Dick, founder of  GC Journal.  Many of you know Shannon from out and about Garden City.  I know him as my son, a great father to his three daughters, Owner and Lead Analyst for Western Kansas Statistical Lab, a passionate ice/inline hockey player, a great brother to his two sisters, a great husband for his wife, Nicole, and one of the new forces in Garden City and Western Kansas. You also may have known his grandfather, Robert Fuller-from whom Shannon likely got his people skills, love of people, and love of Garden City.   I noticed in helping edit Garden City Journal that Shannon maintains a low-key presence in the Journal–you know how it goes, the photographer is always behind the camera, never in the photo-that type of thing.  I wanted to give him a moment in front of the camera.

Here’s Shannon, #19,  doing what is is favorite passion in an ice hockey tournament vs. the Pueblo Heat.

Shannon With Sisters, Jenette Turpin (Blonde) and Michelle Dick (Cleveland Chiropractic Graduate)


Shannon and one of his hockey-playing nephews.  Photo cropped from a GC Taurus team photo one afternoon at inline practice at the arena on South Main St.